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How to register and place an order

Step 1: Add products in the Cart

While you browse through our product catalog, add your desired products into your shopping cart with the "Add to Cart" option.

When you are done, click on the "Show Cart" option to proceed to the Shopping Cart to place order image 1Image: 1 - Add the product to cart

hot to place order image 2Image: 2 - Show Cart

Step 2: Register if you are a new customer, or log in your existing account

You are now in the Shopping Cart page. You can select "New Customer" option, if you are a new customer, to create an account on our website, or select to login with the account you have created in the past.

Step 3: Fill in the form details

Fill in the information in the form, on where to send the order, how to send it, and the preferred payment method. Double-check to see that the products in the cart and your order details are correct. Then go to the bottom of the page and make sure you press to accept the terms of service and Confirm your purchase.

hot to place order image 3Image: 3 - Enter your personal information

hot to place order image 4
4 - Confirm Purchase

If you are a new customer, you will see a message letting you know that your account has been created, and a confirmation e-mail has been sent to your mailbox. Make sure you follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail, to confirm and activate your account fully. If you can't find it in your main Inbox, check in your spam or junk folders.

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