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Our company is registered in the United Kingdom.

We are here to help you find out thousands of products offered at incredible wholesale prices. A quick look around our site will reveal our massive range of first-rate accessories like diagnostic tools, elm327, steering wheel covers, car parts, moto parts, cycling accessories etc.

What’s the meaning behind the name When we started in the e-commerce in 2012, we had an idea about how to be successful. The idea is simple: creating an accessories store that can meet all your needs.

That’s why our slogan is: the absolute accessories store

At we support each of our customers as they are the most important person in the world. In fact, each customer is the most important person in the world for us, because an online business without customers, new customers, repeat customers, loyal customers is nothing else but only a domain name, which soon will be forgotten. 

We offer a wide range of products, not only at the lowest possible price but also with free of charge shipping, regardless of where you live, regardless of how many items you buy, regardless of how much you spend.

Offering the lowest prices without charging shipping fees makes our profits lower, but that’s only a problem if a business has a short term thinking strategy. At, our thinking is to focus on long term in order to build a brand name that is recognized internationally and trusted globally.

Α's purpose is to offer each customer the perfect shopping experience based on an equally simple idea: The Lowest Price with Free Shipping.

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