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OBD II Vehicle ECU 12V DC Power Supply Cable, Memory Saver (3m) [200359]

OBD II Vehicle ECU 12V DC Power Supply Cable, Memory Saver (3m)
OBD II Vehicle ECU 12V DC Power Supply Cable, Memory Saver (3m)
OBD II Vehicle ECU 12V DC Power Supply Cable, Memory Saver (3m)
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OBD II Vehicle ECU 12V DC Power Supply Cable, Memory Saver (3m)
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General Information

  • Type: Car Diagnostic Cables and Connectors
  • Model: OBDII Memory Saver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Weight: 0.5kg

Distinctive Features

  • Newly upgraded Version with Anti-protection on Incorrect Polarity. In case a power input has incorrect polarity, the LED light on memory saver will not light up, and protection on incorrect polarity will automatically be put into effect; so that your car ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and other electric devices are fully protected.
  • Compared to most of OBD metal pins in market with zinc plating, ours are gold plated. Better reliability on contact and electric transmission.
  • Compared to most of OBD II Memory Saver (or Automotive Computer Memory Saver) in market with 3 ~ 5 ft in cable length, ours comes with super long 10 ft (3 meters) cable. If you can change your car battery, you can also use an alternative 12V power source from another car, when you don't have a jump starter on hand.
  • 8 amp fuse built into the memory saver, better reliability on overload protection.

Product Description and Operation

  • Powered by any jump starter with a 12V outlet into an OBD II Memory Saver.
  • Interface connector between a 12V DC power source and vehicle's OBD II port.
  • Preserves vehicle codes and electronic presets.
  • Replacing a car battery on older vehicles used to be simple!! You unhook the old battery and install the new one. Late-model vehicles, however, rely on computers that operate everything from the stereo to the transmission. If power is lost to the computer, the settings are lost and have to reset to default. That means the vehicle may feel different when driven, and you may have to enter a security code to access the stereo. Using this simple memory saving device when replacing your car battery will help you avoid these problems.
  • This device can work with any 12V DC power source, including jump starter, DC 12V Lead-acid battery, or another car’s DC 12V power outlet.
  • As our device with 3 meter cable, it will be a convenient way, should you not have jump starter (or Lead-acid battery) on hand, and the device can also get the 12v power supply from cigarette lighter of another good car. Just insert the Cigarette lighter plug to this car and insert into 16 pin plug to the OBD port of the car you want to replace battery. And now you can replace the battery.


When working with the vehicle’s battery, review all the battery manufacturer’s and vehicle manufacturer’s safety instructions, warnings and directives regarding battery disconnection, removal and replacement.

The vehicle’s electrical system is receiving power from memory saver through the OBD connection. Therefore, the vehicle’s battery connectors are electrically live and should be covered with an insulator to prevent the connectors from touching metal or each other and causing a short circuit. After each use, disconnect the memory saver and use a dry cloth to wipe all dirt or oil from the connectors and the cable.

During battery replacement, DO NOT turn on (ignition) on the car. Also, DO NOT turn the key on “ACC ON”. Otherwise, the fuse of the memory saver may burn out, due to high amp overload.

Securely attach the OBD II connector of the memory saver into your car OBD II port to get a good contact; if not, during battery replacement, the bad contact between the OBD II connector and your car, may cause missing power supply on your car ECU (Electronic Control Unit, or called auto computer).


The 12V DC plug of memory saver should be correctly connected to the 12V power source. Otherwise, the red LED light on the plug will not light up; If using the power source from another car, check whether the car’s Cigarette Lighter is in good condition. If using the power source from a jump starter, then verify if the contact point is properly connected. If the power source is from an alternative 12V Lead-acid battery, then check whether the polarity is correct.

The memory saver 12V DC plug contains an 8 amp fuse. Should a problem arise with the memory saver, check the fuse or contact your direct seller/distributor for assistance.

Package Contents

1 X OBD II CAR MEMORY SAVER with Cigarette Lighter Connector, cable length 3m (10ft)





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