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Multidiag Pro Plus VCI Scanner Compatible with OBD2 Cars & Trucks [200327]

VCI Scanner Pro Plus (Multidiag PRO+), Compatibility with OBD2 Cars & Trucks
Multidiag PRO+, Compatibility with OBD2 Cars & Trucks - Retail Pack - Photoshooting by
OBD2 Connector Extension Cable- Screenshot by
Erasing Trouble Codes (DTC) - Screenshot by
2 Boards - OEM Relays - Photoshooting by
Multidiag PRO PLUS without Bluetooth - Photoshooting by
VCI Scanner Pro Plus (Multidiag PRO+ DS150e) English, Greek and other 16 Languages
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Translated in English, French, Italian, Spanish and more 16 languages. Supports all vehicles (37 companies) with OBD II connector. Suitable for professionals who perform diagnostic test on many different cars' brands. Version 2014.R2+
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Multidiag Pro Plus is a diagnostic tester that can read, erase fault codes (DTC) on Engine (Petrol and Diesel), Brakes, Instruments, Climate, Gearbox, Immobiliser, Restraints, Multifunction and also Reset the Service Light to cars from 1985 up to 2018.

Item specifics

Model Name : Multidiag Pro Plus with 2 BOARDS with OEM Relays
Material : Plastic and metal parts
External Testing Certification : CE
Special Features : Diagnostic Cable & scan tool
Weight : 0,6 kg
Program language : Multilingual
3 IN 1: For Car,  Trucks and Generic
Manufacturer : OEM
Place of Origin : China
Compatibility (OS - Laptop, PC, Windows Tablet): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8,1. The device is also successfully tested in Windows 10.

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Functions performed

  • Serial diagnosis of manufacturer
  • EOBD / OBDII communication
  • Scan function
  • Serial Systems
  • Diagnosis and control of the following : Engine, ignition, climate, ABS, reset Service, SRS, Immobilizer, instruments, gearbox and many other subsystems
  • Software Supported Languages: English, Danish , German , Spanish , French , Greek , Dutch , Hungarian , Italian , Polish , Romanian , Russian, Turkish etc.

Other specific functions

  • Recall service message (In this function it's possible to recall the indication for: Service, Oil, Insp) - Service Reset
  • Read and erase fault (error – trouble) codes (DTC) of all units
  • Injectors calibration
  • Injector programming per cylinder 1,2,3,4 etc
  • Configuration Injection prohibition
  • High pressure pump replacement
  • Lambda sensor and fuel injector adjustment
  • Reset Lambda sensor
  • Configuration of decrement and incensement idle speed
  • EGR valve check test and programming (exhaust gas recirculation) in order to reduce emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Turbocharger actuator - Variable geometry turbocharger
  • Self-learning throttle body
  • Particulate filter regeneration and replacement
  • Resetting distance traveled with water in diesel warning
  • Reset adaption
  • Check of the operation of the exhaust heat recovery
  • Steering angle calibration
  • Lock and unlock airbags
  • Calibration of air conditioning circuit (AC)
  • Reading and change settings on the rain sensor
  • Change language of instruments and car lcd display
  • Adjusting lights, radio & CD player, alarm etc.
  • Check and calibrate brakes (with ABS and ESP) and unlock electric brakes (VW etc)
  • Suspension and comfort functions configuration
  • Battery status test
  • Tire size programming
  • The software also gives information and images about the OBD-II port position of each vehicle with and the control unit (ECU) for most common models of all companies
  • Many other functions.

Activation and test of the following (tic! Tic! mode)

  • Throttle test
  • Supercharging air cooling solenoid valve opening
  • Check engine lamp
  • Relay low high speed fan
  • Preheater light
  • Preheater group
  • Relay heatpluggs
  • Return valves
  • Inlet valves
  • Valves traction control system
  • Instruments display and lamp test
  • Basic setting of DSG transmission
    Gear control/position sensor
    Synchronization positions
    Clutch 1- Clutch 2
    Main pressure
    Zero values - Reset gearbox configuration
  • Many other functions
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Full Set 8 Cable for non OBD2 Cars

Trucks Full Cables Set for CDP TCS – 8 pieces

The device can connect with cars and light weight trucks with OBD2 port (from 1995 or later models) or with other ports using the Full Set of 8 Cables (older vehicles - Warning , some models may have limited compatibility).

Operation Multiplexer, 2xHS CAN (ISO 11898-2), SW CAN (SAE J2411), K / L (ISO 9141-2), VPW (J1850), PWM (J1850), RS485 (J1708), TTL and (SPI, analog in , 5volt out).

Main Features

Multidiag Pro+ is a diagnostic tool used with desktop PC, Laptop or Pocket PC. It is a powerful and flexible tool for all vehicle service shops.

Intended for professionals due to the specific characteristics, based on and designed, is a quick and reliable unit and acts as a link between the vehicle and the computer. It works with both old and new vehicles.

Other features

Flight Recorder

By operating the flight recorder, you can record the parameters in real time while driving a vehicle. During recording, with the click of a button, you can highlight the specific error code so you can investigate the detected error at a later time. The DS150 is equipped with built-in memory, thus you don't have the need to carry a computer with you. The memory card is not included in the package.

OBD 2 Connector with LED

To locate the OBD port of the car with ease, even if it is located in a dark and inaccessible place, there is a LED on the 16 pin cable connector.

Check the Volt

When the DS150e is connected to the vehicle, the unit checks the voltage of the vehicle battery and automatically adjusts the voltage level of this diagnostic tool to 12 or 24 volts. If the voltage gets too high or too low, the DS150 will warn you with both sound and light and you should also be warned through the battery icon in our diagnostic software.

Number of Chassis - VIN

In embedded software, a smart feature that allows you to read the chassis number of the vehicle you would like test. This ensures that it will automatically select the correct model and year. In addition, the code of the engine for vehicles, which are widely available on the market, also selected automatically.


Intelligent System Scan (ISS), scans in all vehicle systems and displays error codes stored in each system. This saves time and you can get a quick overview of the actual situation of the entire vehicle. When the ISS is complete, you can select a specific control system to analyze the results further.


Intelligent Identification System (ISI) identifies and automatically selects the type of controller that is mounted on the vehicle . This ensures that the diagnostic session is performed correctly with the correct parameters, as required.

Function Report

With this feature, you will be able to see the appropriate adjustments and improvements that are possible for a specific car or track without having the vehicle near you. Together with the help texts as a guide, you can plan and be effective in your job - even under complicate situations.

OBD - Functions

The DS150e is equipped with a unique multiplexer technology, which allows the use in all types of vehicles, regardless of voltage levels and communication standards. For vehicles that do not use the standard 16 - pin connector, we offer a full range of certified cable adjustment.

Help function

For most OBD functions, such as adjustments and schedules, detailed instructions and help texts to help in the diagnosis. You will find step by step information on conditions, preparation and implementation of various functions.

The package includes :
1 x Main Unit
1 x LED OBD2 cable
1 x USB cable

Supported Vehicles

icon adobe pdf download

Download the supported Car

icon adobe pdf download

Download the supported Truck

Find out more about OBD-II


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