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EcoOBD2 Συστήμα Οικονομίας Καυσίμου για Βενζινοκίνητα Αυτοκίνητα [200304]

EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box for Petrol Cars
EcoOBD2Fuel Economy System - 16 pin connector
EcoOBD2Fuel Economy System - Back side view
It works based on OBD2 protocols and remaps the car's ECU
Reduce the fuel consumption on almost all cars from 1996.
EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box for Petrol Cars - Retail Package
EcoOBD2 Setup
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EcoOBD2 είναι ένας Plug & Drive OBD2 ECU Flasher που μειώνει την κατανάλωση καυσίμων των αυτοκινήτων. Η μονάδα αυτή ενισχύει την οικονομία και χαμηλότερες εκπομπές καυσαερίων σε ατμοσφαιρικούς ή turbo κινητήρες βενζίνης, έως και 15% (ισχυρισμοί κατασκευαστή).
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EcoOBD2 Συστήμα Οικονομίας Καυσίμου: Lower Fuel and Lower Emission

EcoOBD2 is easy to install. Just plug it into the OBD2 connector of cars. Fits almost all cars from 1996.
It works based on OBD2 protocols and remaps the car's ECU. After 200 km of driving, creates a driver profile and then EcoOBD2 according to the drivers' habits, always adjust the ECU settings for more fuel economy. The fuel economy of an automobile is the fuel efficiency relationship between the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle.

Product Type: ECU Tuning Box
Color: Green (Gasoline engines)
Certificates : CE / FCC / RoHS
Weight : 40 gr
Origin: China
Manufacturer: OEM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

How does EcoOBD2 works?

According to your driving habits, EcoOBD2 makes a new map in the car's ECU to improve fuel efficiency. As you driving more and more KM/Miles, it renews the map.
EcoOBD2 works on the basis of changing the signal form ECU. As a consequence, it changes the whole injection map.
When it is plugged into OBD2 connector, EcoOBD2 receives the information from the car ECU. With the received data, the device adjusts the boost pressure, quantity of fuel, injection timing and pressure.
This tuning box does not exceed the manufacturer requirements. It works only within the tolerance of the engine.
EcoOBD2 has no negative effects to engine, ECU or the car factory setting. To turn back to the car's original settings, just unplug the device from the OBD2 connector.

Key Features:

  • 15% fuel saving (manufacturer claims)
  • EcoOBD2 settings are optimal for your car. Even the parameters are different for each vehicle, there is no need to make an additional adjustment
  • The main difference between EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box and remapping tuning methods is that EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box is easily removable, and after unplug you go back to the factory settings. As a result this is a cheap and safe type to avoid waste of many.

Installation and Calibration

1.    Pull the Car Key out from the ignition.
2.    Find OBD2 connector in your car and Plug in EcoOBD2
3.    Insert the key into the ignition and twist the key to the first stage. (Do not start the car)
4.    Press the reset button for about 5 sec. After releasing the button, just wait for a while about 30-54 sec. (EcoOBD2 will communicate and establish connection with ECU)
5.    Turn on the engine.
6.    EcoOBD2 will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits, after around 200 km/150 miles driving and thus EcoOBD2 will adjust itself to match your car perfectly for more fuel saving.

Package include:
- EcoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box Interface
- English User Manuel

Όλες οι OBD2 συσκευές αγοράζονται με ευθύνη του πελάτη για τυχόν προβλήματα που προκύψουν.
Ο βαθμός απόδοσης διαφέρει ανάλογα με τα χαρακτηριστικά του αυτοκίνητου.

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